Zaneta Kaiserova Dostalova is a woman like any other, and if you do not know her yet - here you can find some more information about her. And what she got to say?

I opened this barber shop with the idea of childhood. Come for a chat, throw away your phones and stress of everyday life and make time for fun and enjoyment. We all know the ads on Facebook such as “like” if you know what is the connection between cassette and pencil or differences between our childhood and nowadays childhood.

You are great people, let's talk, share your joys and sorrows, get to know new people and learn to communicate with each other again, let's tear down the barriers that we have created. Smile at someone who contacts you just by look, your smile costs nothing.

Talk and listen without judgments. Laugh and enjoy the life as much as you did when you were little. Allow yourself to experience joy in everything you do. Let go all the things, which are not bringing you any joy in your life. Be yourself ...

Allow your self to raise and shine.
Live fully in the present moment. What's done is done, time cannot be return back. And what is to be, might never happen. Live fully here and now.

I invite you for an excellent whisky, rum or a beer, services from hairdressers and barbers. We all love our job and we love to spend time and smile. :­) Our barber shop is here for you, so are our barbers.




In all our salons we choose cooperation with the best ones in the field. For Barber’s wife, we entered into a partnership with an exclusive London barber shop ­ The Legends.

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Regular consultations with professionals from London are helping us to creatively and naturally combine the traditional style of the true gentleman with modern trends. In our barber shop, we have created an environment where you can truly experience the combination of elegance of the past with modern creativity.


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This service is for the men with sensitive skin or hard beard. They will love this part. No more irritated reddened skin! Tired face of working man deserves a in the best care.



For us it is tradition. Macho ritual that is being repeated at your own discretion. It includes a pre­shave care, hot towel with pleasantly warm towel, foaming face, razor shaving and aftershave care. As a pleasant addition there is a comfortable armchair, whiskey, beer or other beverage.


#3 CUT

We are happy to advise ­ consultation and advice are commonplace. Our trained team will help you to choose the perfect cut based on your will that also fits your overall look ­ traditional or trendy. Together with whiskey, beer or rum, the visit of Barber's wife will become addictive.

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BARBER'S WIFE Praha Metropole Zličín

„Being a good man and a gentleman means to leave an imprint on sites in memories and hearts. As well as there are traditions of gentlemen, there also are traditions of genuine brands. We work with the best brands. Brands which will leave an imprint in you.”



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